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date city venue info
Feb 06, 2007 Seattle [wa] Baltic Room Oscillate - Kinoko's Birthday!  With Kinoko, Syzygy, Andrew Luck, Lisa Fox
Jan 18 - 21, 2007 Anaheim [ca] Anaheim Convention Center NAMM, Syzygy at MixMeister Booth
Dec 31, 2006 Seattle [wa] Tost NYE Party with Syzygy with Paul Rush and Guests
Oct 28, 2006 San Francisco[ca] Secret Mansion in Mission District Haunted Mansion Halloween Party, Syzygy with Ron Reversible
Aug 21-24, 2006 Atlantic City, [nj] Atlantic City Convention Center International DJ Expo, Syzygy at MixMeister Booth
Jan 18, 2006 Seattle [wa] Chop Suey Seattle School presents THE POP SMEAR TEST (a human body-laptop game). Featuring Obelus, ndCv & Syzygy. $5.
Oct 22, 2005 Seattle [wa] EMP Seattle School presents THE POP SMEAR TEST (a human body-laptop game). Nordic Soul vs Syzygy
Oct 21, 2005 Seattle [wa] Undisclosed Warehouse Katrina Fundraiser - Come party down with Hippocampus and throw in as much as you can towards reaching our goal of $7k!
Hearsilla, Queen of the Desert (Art Car) will be present in all her majesty, complete with the dance pole and kick-arse sound system. Performers include members of Pyrosutra and Womanipura. Bar, heated area, cuddle lounge, and a raffle with prizes.
With DJs, Diem, Fitzy, Marq, Monkey, Syzygy and the legendary Soulkid.
$10 Donation, 21+ with ID
Mar 05, 2005 Seattle [wa] lo-fi Rock Steady Rhythm presents a benefit to help produce the film "THE DAUGHTER." featuring Synth Club, DJ Eva, Syzygy, Rama VS Zion 12, Jacedo, Variform & AMS.
Apr 01, 2005 Seattle [wa] Chop Suey 4/01/05 FRI: SEATTLE LAPTOP BATTLE, 2005: Seattle, WA at CHOP SUEY... starring Nth808, KJ Sawka, Butterfly Beats, XISIX, Danger Dave, Nordic Soul, KFO, Dr. Heavy, Tom Chi, Justin Byrnes, Turk, M.O., Syzygy, Kinoko, Ghost Bait + Red Jeff. $10, doors at 9pm. Werd.
Dec 11, 2004 Seattle [wa] Lower Level Syzygy, w/ Plastiq Phantom, FCS North & Sientific American
Sept 28, 2004 Seattle [wa] Aurafice Cafe Kinoko & Syzygy doing dj sets.
Sept 26, 2004 Seattle [wa] Barca Decibel Festival 2004
July 21, 2004 Seattle [wa] baltic room DV-One, Hideki, Szygy & MC Insight.
May 13, 2004 Portland [or] holocene PDX vs SEATTLE LAPTOP BATTLE rematch! competitors include KRIS MOON, DECEPTIKON, ABSOLUTE MADMAN, UMAMI, BLLIX, PHIBER[]PTIX, NTH808, SYZYGY, RRINE & more...
Apr 23, 2004 Los Angeles [ca] killradio.org On-air interview & live sets by kris moon, syzygy, zapan & absolute madman (6-7pm pst)
Apr 21, 2004 Los Angeles [ca] The Knitting Factory Laptopbattle West Coast: LA  MixMeister demos by Syzygy
Apr 18, 2004 San Francisco [ca] Club Six Laptopbattle West Coast: SF at Club Six (60 - 6th St. between Market and Mission Streets) 9 pm, only $5, San Fransisco CA MixMeister demos by Syzygy
Apr 15, 2004 Vancouver [bc] The Brickyard Thurs: Laptopbattle West Coast: Vancouver,BC at The Brickyard (315 Carall St.), Vancouver BC, 19+, $5, 9pm-1am MixMeister demos by Syzygy
Mar 15, 2004 Seattle [wa] Fourthcity Weekly Zapan, Kris Moon, Syzygy & guests
Jan 23, 2004 Seattle [wa] Chop Suey Portland vs Seattle Laptop Battle, Kris Moon, Nordic Soul, Randolph Galguccicoochie, Zapan, Absolute Madman, Syzygy, Deceptikon, Kinoko, Bllix, Rrine, Logic Probe, Tom Chi, Nogunri, Misha, Firestorm Viper, Danger Dave, Umami, Sporadik, Bitmarch, Glomm, Dampkrane, Matt Fay + Waterdog; Venue Projections: Matthew McKee;
Apr 7, 2003 Seattle [wa] Chop Suey Laptop Battle #1